About Us


The HUNTER Company is a tradition-based enterprise, which has specialized in the production of high-quality leather articles for dogs, cats and horses since being founded in 1980. Our product line ranges from leashes, leads and collars made of leather and nylon to muzzles, harnesses, obedience training collars, cushioned cuddly houses, beds and pillows, up to and including clothing, toiletries and automobile safety belt restraining harnesses. Our present assortment consists of over 5000 different articles, with accessories for dogs, cats and horses accounting for a major portion of our product palette. HUNTER products are sold all over the world.

One of the traditions of our enterprise is to turn our own ideas into reality and then to take these real products to market. These products must fulfil strict requirements for practicality and quality and guarantee optimum safety as well.

The quality of each individual product, combined with attractive design, practicality, and the highest degree of safety are and will continue to be at the centre of our company business activities. Our most important enterprise goal is achieving the satisfaction of our customers and the well-being of their dogs, cats and horses, and that is worthwhile!

Because we know:

A satisfied customer comes back!

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